It can be very easy for one particular plant to grow profusely and to eventually swamp the area. Even thistles need controlling. Luckily, we do not have any creeping thistle, but the marsh thistles need cutting back before too many of their seeds are allowed to spread everywhere, making the field difficult to graze. So, in late August, after the butterflies had finished with the thistles, we brought out the trusty brush cutter again.

Dominic cut down the thistles.

You have to cut them with a positive swipe and fell them in one go. If you "tickle" them with the blade the vibration shakes all the seeds out and they fly away.


Chris, our friend, helped to collect them.

Its not an easy task, even with thick gloves the thistles can prickle the hands.

Then Matthew, another helper, took them to the bonfire.

Once we had collected enough we set fire to them.


The result? A clear field ready for more grazing.


What can we do with a fallen tree?

What is Coppicing?

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