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These pages will contain details of the moths that we find at Quoditch. We put up a moth trap recently, which enabled us to record and photograph some of the moths we have found. Here are some of our results.

This is a Turnip Moth Agrotis Segatum (fam - Noctuidae)

(Our thanks to Paul Bonham for identifying this one - we thought it was a Heart and Dart)

This is the Pale Prominent Moth Pterostoma palpina (fam - Notodontidae)
This is a Small Square Spot Moth Diarsia Rubi (fam - Noctuidae)
This one is called a Heart & Club - Agrotis Clavis (fam Noctuidae) and probably comes to our patch because of the clovers. It appears in June and July.
This one appears right the way through from May to August and is an Ingrailed Clay moth Diarsia Mendica ( fam - Noctuidae). Quoditch has all its major food plants heather,willow and hawthorn.
Here is a Common Wave Moth Cabera exanthemata (Fam - Geometridae). As you can see we managed to persuade it to go into a "pooter pot" for a few moments. Later it flew off home to type out its model release form!
We're not quite sure what this one is as yet. Any thoughts?
We thought that this one was called the Magpie Abraxus grossulariata (fam - Geometridae - ennominae) but we have since been very reliably informed that it is a Pyrale (Eurrhypara hortulata). Commonly called the Small Magpie it feeds on nettles.

This is a Five Spot Burnet Moth Zygaena trifolii (fam - Zygaenidae). We have found some in field one, a lot in field two and a few in field four. They like damp meadows and feed on the Bird's foot trefoil and appear from the middle of June until the middle of August.

Also found in the same areas is the Burnet Companion Moth ( not yet photographed)


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