"March Winds and April Showers
Bring forth May Flowers"



Welcome to Quoditch Moor Nature Reserve in May. We hope you enjoy your visit to our land.  You can find out more about it on our homepage
Our site consists of six areas. If you haven't visited us before you might like to take a look at our map 


The first area you come to on entering the main gate is Field One. It covers about eight acres (3.3 hectares)
It is a mixture of reed beds, cultivated grass and culm grassland. The field was last ploughed about forty years ago.
This picture was taken at the beginning of May 1999 when everything was very late.

Very soon into the month the leaves are beginning to appear on the trees with all the subtleties of their various shades. This area is late in comparison with the rest of Devon because, being at a height of 150 metres above sea level, it is quite exposed.

Later the buttercups are in full bloom.

The ponies tend to leave the buttercups

By the end of the month the grasses have started to seed. This part of the field (to the east) has a mixture of meadow grasses including Sweet Vernal and Yorkshire Fog.

They were probably planted in the 1950s after the field was last ploughed.


The dandelions are already beginning to set their seed

and so are the willows. These are on the trees to the left of the entrance but they are all over our land. The seeds are now flying all over the place.

Sometimes they catch in the spiders webs.
The blackthorn shoots are beginning to spread in from the edge of the woods
The best way to stop them spreading is to pull the runners up.



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