Field One

Welcome to Quoditch Moor Nature Reserve in June. We hope you enjoy your visit to our land.  You can find out more about it on our homepage
Our site consists of six areas. If you haven't visited us before you might like to take a look at our map 

It's now dry enough in most parts to forget the Wellies and take a country stroll


The first area you come to on entering the main gate is Field One. It covers about eight acres (3.3 hectares)
It is a mixture of reed beds, cultivated grass and culm grassland. The field was last ploughed about forty years ago.


Keep a look out for the webs produced by the Funnel Spider. They are in other fields as well as this one.


This is a yellow-ringed dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltoni). You can see these in both fields one and two at this time of year and for a couple of months to come. They are about 125mm in length and look like huge helicopters as they fly around. In this area also Emperor Dragonflies have been spotted

We've also found Broad bodied chasers (Libellula depressa) in this field. Here is the male.

The female is yellow.

The broad bodied chaser can be found over the whole of Southern England up to The Wash and also in southern, mid and western Wales.

It's not unusual to see lizards basking in the sun.

The various flies are now on the wing.
Here's a Changeable Forget Me Not
These orchids in field one are hybrids. At first we thought they were Common Spotted, but now we think they are a hybrid between the Southern Marsh and the Heath Spotted.


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