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Marsh Ragwort

(Senecio aquaticus) (Compositae)

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Centaurea Nigra (Compositae)


Marsh Woundwort                           

Stachys palustris - (Labiatae)


Corn Mint

(Mentha Arvensis (Labiatae)

Marsh Thistle

The Marsh Thistles have done their work in feeding the butterflies and are now going to seed.

Devils bit Scabious

Succisa Pratensis (Dipsacaceae)

The Devil's Bit Scabious has appeared, mainly in FieldTwo, but we have found some even as far away as field four. At first just a few hard heads appear but by the end of August the plant is growing in profusion.

Rowan or Mountain Ash

(Sorbus aucuparia) Rosaceae

The berries on the Rowan are beginning to ripen.

This is a member of the Hogweed family - Heracleum
Already the seeds are beginning to form.
Heather - yet to be named
The Marsh Woundwort (Stachys palustris - Labiatae) is in full flower at this time of the year

Also nearby there is a lot of Corn Mint ( Mentha Arvensis). The two plants combined give a purplish hue to the areas.

In small quantities its oil can be used as an antiseptic.

This is Hemp Agrimony (Eupatorium cannabinum) This is very common in Fields Three and Four and, as you can see, attracts many butterflies. It's also very popular with Hoverflies.
Viridian Photography This one, in Field Four , has attracted a female Drone Fly.
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