Hoverfly - Helophilus pendulus
(our thanks to Colin A Jacobs for confirming our identification)
Sericomyia silentis

Fly - poss.Orthellia Cornicina

This one, found in September 2004 is Helophilus trivittatus. Our thanks to Roger Morris for identifying this one.

This one appeared in a moth trap at the end of July 2004

Tom Killick of Oxfordshire believes it to be a Yellow Dung-fly, (Scatophaga stercoraria)

This one was spotted in June 2009.
And another one from a different angle - June 2009.

This Fleshfly is most likely a member of the Phaonia species (Muscidae)

Tom Killick tells us that it is a Sarcophaga carnaria.


We thought this was a Furry Bee Mimic (Cheilosiini chrysocoma) but Roger Morris very kindly wrote to us and identified it as a male Actophila superbiens.

We had quite a successful photo shoot in August 2004 and managed to get the eight below.

Steve Covey very kindly e-mailed us with their identifications.

The following three were all together on the one plant one August. This is a male Eristalis arbustorum

This male is either an Eristalis interruptus or cryptarum

This one has yellow front legs. It's an Eristalis pertinax.

Our thanks to Roger Morris for the identification.

This is a female Eristalis pertinax. The front and mid tarsi are pale/yellowish.
Eristalis interruptus (male)
This one , again found in August 2004 is a female Drone Fly (Eristalis tenax)

This bee mimic is a female of either Eristalis tenax or peritinax
This one was found in September 2004 in Field Two. Another Eristalis Interruptus?
Yet to be identified. This one was found in June 2007
Here's a different angle of the same one.
We found this one in Field One in June 2009. Roger Morris has identified this one as Chrysogaster solstitialis.
This Criorhina berberina was found in Field 4 on Bramble in June 2009, again, kindly identified for us by Roger Morris.
As was this fly, also on Bramble.
This very tiny one was on a very shaky Bramble flower, again in June 2009.
The following were photographed in September 2009. As yet time has not permitted us to identify these. Any thoughts?
Here are a couple of shots of Craneflies (Tipulidae) from 2009. This one is a Tipula Maxima

These look like Tipula Oleracea to us.

This almost needs a caption competition line such as "Well, I just felt like hanging around" or even "He's well hung" .


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