Here are a few that we have photographed so far. The problem is identifying the true bees and wasps from the pseudo ones!

Yet to be identified (on knapweed)


yet to be named - bumblebee aug 2004 on Devil's Bit Scabious.The excellent Field Guide to Bumblees gives three possibilities. It could be Bombus Terrestris, Bombus Lucorum or even Bombus Soroeensis,although it would be a bit south of its normal habitat, yet the Soroeensis is attracted to Devil's Bit Scabious.

We now are wondering if this is another mimic Pocota Personata, although it would be a bit late in the year.

This one was found on bramble in field six in September 2004. We think it is a Bombus Pascuorum, although it is similar to the Bombus Humilis, but I am only saying that so that I can call it a Humble Bumble!
This one was photographed in June 2007 on Marsh Plume Thistle
and this one in May 2009
Yet another in June 2009.

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